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monument is a communications agency
specializing in brand promotion, reputation management, issue advocacy and stakeholder engagement for individuals, companies, non-profits and sovereign clients.


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We've represented our clients and their interests all around the world.


Whether it’s strategic communications, digital solutions or video productions, we’re proud to have worked for the best.
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We're proud to have worked for clients in 23 different countries. And counting…



We’re not the kind of agency that likes to flash its cufflinks. Not that we have anything against cufflinks, mind you. We just think our clients deserve that we bring more than those to the table. At Monument, we craft creative, effective solutions that ensure our clients’ interests get not just the eyes and ears they deserve, but concrete actions and results.

At any given time, the public sphere is littered with interests clamoring for attention. For many of our clients, getting that attention is paramount. For others – not so much. Drawing from our combined decades of journalistic, political and policy experience, we work to ensure that it’s our clients who decide when they want to be heard, when they’d rather be left alone, and when allies and other tools should be mobilized to advocate on their behalf.

Monument is a results-driven firm. It is our raison d’etre. We were founded on the principle that a bit of brains, a good dose of cunning and a helluva Rolodex can serve our clients well. We prefer fieldwork to pencil-pushing, and we don’t believe that triple-bank-shot strategy memos – no matter how well written and presented – constitute a deliverable.

Whether it’s mobilizing allies, gathering coalitions, engaging stakeholders, creating print and video content, or harnessing New Media platforms, our ahead-of-the-curve solutions are always tied to measurable results. We won’t just throw a press release out there and hope for the best, or cut a pretty video that by itself serves no real purpose. After all, a deliverable isn’t a deliverable unless it  delivers results.

And that’s what sets us apart – who we aren’t.

We’re not an agency stacked with junior employees or career PRers. We’re former editors, policymakers, senior staffers, activists, reporters and producers – we’re the same as those whom our clients ask us to engage. We know the environment these folks work in; we know what motivates them; we know what’s possible and not possible. And we know whom to call to get it done .

Engaging these stakeholders begins with principal-level understanding of your issue; it moves forward with principal-level execution of a strategy, and it ends with principal-level accountability .

That’s also how we’re different: We don’t believe that “new business” is more important than our current business. Don’t get us wrong – we love new business. But we know success comes from results, not promises. Our agency puts a premium on top-notch, senior-level service, and our team members are rewarded based first and foremost on that service.

Neither are we confused about for whom we work. Monument maintains excellent partner and vendor networks – from lobbyists and lawyers to Web developers and fundraisers; in the United States and internationally – but we aren’t obligated to these networks. That means none of the usual industry pass-throughs, commissions or kick-backs. We work for our clients and their interests alone, and we propose solutions based solely on your needs.




Maybe it’s a bit hokey, but you work hard for your money and we think you deserve an agency that does the same. So poke around our site. Meet our leadership, check out our video work and take a look at what we’ve been up to. And if you’d like to know us more and talk about how we can help, just drop a line.


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