Strategic Communications

At Monument, we craft creative, effective solutions that ensure our clients’ interests get not just the eyes and ears they deserve, but concrete actions and results.

At any given time, the public sphere is littered with interests clamoring for attention. For many of our clients, getting that attention is paramount. For others – not so much. Drawing from our combined decades of journalistic, political and policy experience, we work to ensure that it’s our clients who decide when they want to be heard, when they’d rather be left alone, and when allies and other tools should be mobilized to advocate on their behalf.

Monument is a results-drive firm. It is our raison d’etre. We were founded on the principle that a bit of brains, a good dose of cunning and a helluva Rolodex can serve our clients well. We prefer fieldwork to pencil-pushing, and we don’t believe that triple-bank-shot strategy memos – no matter how well written and presented – constitute a deliverable.

Whether it’s mobilizing allies, gathering coalitions, engaging stakeholders, creating print and video content, or harnessing New Media platforms, our ahead-of-the-curve solutions are always tied to measurable results. We won’t just throw a press release out there and hope for the best, or cut a pretty video that by itself serves no real purpose. After all, a deliverable isn’t a deliverable unless it delivers results.

Monument knew just what our campaign needed and what our audience wanted. And it paid off in a big way.

Kevin Faulconer
Mayor — San Diego

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