Content & Video Creation

Whether your product is a company, cause, candidate or cantaloupe, online videos give viewers a more complete introductory, low-effort opportunity to kick the tires of that product and learn more.

At Monument, we place special emphasis on showcasing authenticity and communicating at a local level through credible, story-driven videos.

The stars of our videos aren’t actors – they’re real human beings, unscripted, shot on-location and telling it like it is. Nuanced? They can be. But never propagandistic. That’s our (ahem) award-winning recipe for creating viewer affinity and trust, seasoned from combined decades as award-winning journalists.

And that’s what sets us apart: We know how to tell stories – your stories. We build compelling narratives that go beyond just pretty pictures or slogans.


Our Showreel

A two and a half minute montage showcasing some of our best video promos and ad campaigns.



Kevin Faulconer for San Diego Mayor

A 1:15 spot for Kevin Faulconer’s successful campaign for Mayor of San Diego, CA.



From Warrior to Civilian

A video for the George W. Bush Institute Military Service Initiative Summit in Dallas, Texas on February 18, 2015. The MSI is a comprehensive business and non-profit effort to assist veterans with their transition to civilian life.



Washed Ashore

A docu-style promo for Japan’s Pacific Rim Project about protecting the singing sands of Kotohiki beach from pollution.


A documentary that grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. It’s an inspiration to see how much care Monument had for every element—including the message, which wasn’t lost in the process.

MCA-I Awards Judge
on Washed Ashore

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