Meet the Gang

Monument is a principal-level firm of editors, policymakers, activists, reporters and producers.

Sam Dealey

Managing Principal

Sam is a veteran journalist and communications professional with extensive political, corporate and international experience.

Sam is a veteran journalist and communications professional with extensive political, corporate and international experience. Based in Washington, DC, and servicing a global clientele, Sam actively leads Monument’s initiatives, deploying creative, ahead-of-the-curve strategies and offering real-time issues management.

Prior to Monument, Sam was a partner at Qorvis Communications servicing its global accounts. Previously, he was an award-winning journalist – as Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Times; as a foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America for TIME, CNN, PBS, The Wall Street Journal, GQ and The New York Times, and as a political reporter in DC. He is a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution and a contributing editor to Reader’s Digest. Sam is from Dallas, Texas, and a graduate of Cornell University. He is an expert at navigating the world’s airports and once made it from plane-to-car in Dubai in 6 minutes.

Horace Cooper


Horace has more than 25 years’ experience in politics and communications. He operates at the nexus of policy and outreach, and specializes in grassroots coordination, ally mobilization and coalition building.

Horace has assembled and managed winning coalitions for Executive Branch agencies, Congressional leadership offices, state/local initiatives, companies and associations. His efforts often bring together like-minded organizations, industries – and sometimes, most effectively, diverse and unexpected groups – to build binding advocacy interests.

Before joining Monument, Horace was Deputy Director of Voice of America, Chief of Staff at the Labor Department, and a long-time senior aide to the House leadership.

Horace is a Texan, a deacon, and a regular guest on television and radio news shows. Get him to laugh – trust us, it’s easy to do and well worth it.

Martin Stalker


Marty is a master filmmaker, videographer and editor. He has garnered many industry and journalistic awards, and specializes in documentaries, short- and full-feature films, corporate productions and advertisements.

Marty first met Sam in 2007 in South Sudan, and they have collaborated on numerous journalistic and commercial projects, both internationally and in the United States.

Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Marty served with distinction in the Royal Marines Commandos in Iraq and Afghanistan. His greatest pride, however, is his wife Danielle and their beautiful children. And Tom and Juno – the finest pooches there ever could be.